Personal Statement

Personal Statement:

Its all about me! (and the team….)

I like people, crossing the finish line with mission accomplished and believe showing respect towards others benefits all concerned. If the team feel valued and recognised then the best results will be achieved and company benefits realised.

I am a  dependable,  focused and passionate Production/Project Manager with a variety of transferable skills gain by working in the television industry for over 25 years. I have the ability for quick-thinking and operating under considerable pressure while remaining calm and effective with the  aptitude for running both small and large teams. I have experience with both stand alone and long running projects while remaining within scope and budget restraints. I have the ability and skills  to take ownership of the opportunity through the initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and delivering processes to produce a positive result.

Key Characteristics

  • Adept at running several successful and profitable productions simultaneously
  • Reliable and loyal Project/Production Manager with extensive experience in setting up UK and foreign location productions for both live and recorded programmes
  • Content to either be on location or running projects from the HQ
  • Ability to communicate with Stakeholders, colleagues, management and project team members.
  • Processes a good sense of humour with the ability to laugh at himself.
  • Efficient and organised with the willingness to accept and discover new ideas and challenges which can be put into practice effectively.
  • Ability to resolve issues through conflict management, communication processes and organisation policies.

Currently looking for:

Project/Production Management opportunities within a team environment that  enables me to use my  gained skills and abilities while achieving the end goal and developing new opportunities for all concerned.


Skills Matrix

Live event management | live event production | production management | production development | schedule management | schedule development | events coordination | project management | project delivery | full project lifecycle | people management | team development | relationship management | budget control | budget delivery | budget management | problem management | issue resolution | talent management | client engagement | client management | production scheduling | television programming | live transmissions

Providing Experience with Reliability