Credit History:

2019                Production Manager “Akram MMA ” – Channel 4                                            1 x 60′ doc for Swan Films (Initial Prep)

2019                Production Manager “My Famous Babysitter”  –                                                UKTV – 4 x 60′ Fixed Rig series – Swan Films

2018                 Production Manager Great House Giveaway                                                      Channel 4 – 23x 60′- Chwarel

2017                 Career Break : Successfully studied and gained                                                 Prince2 and CAPM qualification.

2017                  Project Manager: KPL – Limited Company set up                               

2016                 Production Manager: Billy Connolly High Horse Tour                                    DVD – Indigo Television

2015                 Production Manager: Suddenly Royal–Reality/Ent                                          series shot on Isle of Man-Discovery

2014                 Production Manager: live, documentary and Studio                                        productions for Twofour54 Abu Dhabi

2013                 Production Manager: Premier League Web Site – IMG /                              Premier League

2012                 Production Manager: Gold Rush live Special–                                                     Prep/Planning/Negotiation – Discovery/Raw

2011                  Production Manager: Antiques Road Trip- location                                         Reality/FactEnt series – STV /BBC

2010                 Production Manager: Little Howard’s Big Question-                                      Animation/Live action series- CBBC

2009                Production Manager: Capstone Sports Quiz TV series –                               shot in Lagos, Nigeria for ATV

2008                Production Manager: Various Productions throughout                                the year

2007                Production Manager: Make my body Younger-                                                 Reality/Edu series – BBC 3

2006                Production Manager: Are you Smarter than a ten year                                 old? Quiz series – Sky One

2005                Production Manager: Various Productions throughout                               the year

2004                Production Manager: Various Productions throughout                               the year

2003                Location Producer: Reborn in the USA – Location                                           Reality/Ent series – ITV

2002                Location Producer: I’m a Celebrity – Get me out of                                         here! – LWT/ITV

2001                1st Assistant Director : Survivor – Location Reality                                          series – Planet 24

2000                Senior Floor Manager – Gladiators series 8 of 8 – LWT                                 /ITV

1999                Production Manager for Dark Ages – Location /Studio                                 Sit Com Series 5 x 30’

1998                Production Manager for the Sunday Night series of 14 x                             30’ : LWT

1998                Senior Floor Manager for the Prince’s Trust: Carlton                                     Television

1998                Senior Floor Manager for An Audience with the Bee-                                   Gees: LWT

1998                Senior Floor Manager for Clive James on TV:6 x 30’                                       Watchmaker Productions

1998                Senior Floor Manager for 7th series of Gladiators: LWT

1998                Senior Floor Manager for  The Royal Tournament : LWT

1998                1st AD on two commercials shot in Bosnia for                                                   Pathfinder Productions

1997 /98        Production Manager:  Holding the Baby series 2- Sit                                      Com Series for Granada

1997                Senior Floor Manager:  The Royal Variety Performance                               for LWT

1997                First Assistant Director: One in a Million – Shot in                                           America for LWT

1997                Senior Floor Manager: Gladiators for LWT

1997                Senior Floor Manager: The Big Big Talent Show for LWT

1997                Senior Floor Manager: An Audience with Ronnie                                             Corbett for LWT

1997                Senior Floor Manager: An Audience with Freddie Starr                                for LWT

1997                1st Assistant Director: Strange but True –                                                             reconstruction series  for LWT

1996/ 97       Production Manager for Holding the Baby series 1 – Sit                               Com 6 x 30’ for Granada

Previous credits also include – but are not limited to:

Gold Rush: Live One Hour pre season  Production Manager                     ( subsequently cancelled)

Guppy:   One hour drama special                   1st Assistant Director               LWT

Hale and Pace:    Comedy series                    1st AD on location / SFM in Studio  LWT

Barrymore       Comedy Series                         Senior Floor Manager                 LWT

The Big Breakfast: Morning TV                    Senior Floor Manager                 PLANET 24

Agatha Christies Poirot: period drama           3rd Assistant Director         LWT

Sunday Night at the London Palladium      Senior Floor Manager             LWT

Saturday Night Live                                     Senior Floor Manager                     LWT

Hotel Babylon: Late music show                   Senior Floor Manager                 PLANET 24

The Secret Diary’s of Adrian Mole             3rd Assistant Director               THAMES

Mr Right: live Transmission                      Production Manager                         LWT

Gladiators in Australia                               Unit manager                                    LWT

Blind Date                                                   Senior Floor Manager                       LWT

The two of us: 6 x 30′                                      Assistant Floor Manager             LWT

An Audience with Shirley Bassey              Senior Floor Manager                 LWT

The Krypton Factor: people quiz show        Senior Floor Manager               GRANADA

Rainbow: Children’s television                     Senior Floor Manager                 THAMES

Button Moon: Children’s television                 Senior Floor Manager             THAMES

Chocky’s Children: Drama                         3rd Assistant Director                     THAMES

Name that Tune : Quiz Show                     Assistant Floor Manager               THAMES

Up the Elephant- Round the Castle         Assistant Floor Manager            THAMES

Bust: light drama                                         3rd Assistant Director                      LWT

This is Your Life                                        Assistant Floor Manager                 THAMES

Des O’ Connor                                           Assistant Floor Manager                 THAMES

Beadle                                                        Senior Floor Manager                      LWT

This Morning                                            Unit Manager                                   GRANADA

Mike Yarwood                                           Assistant Floor Manager                 THAMES

Benny Hill                                                 Assistant Floor Manager                 THAMES

The MTV Awards                                      Senior Floor Manager                      MTV

Sky Star Search                                        Senior Floor Manager                       LWT

Strike it Lucky                                          Senior Floor Manager                      THAMES


Providing Experience with Reliability