Property – New Venture

Having completed the successful purchase, renovation and profitable onward sale of a two bedroom terrace house in Dartford, Kent I now have the “property bug” and already have two or three properties in my sights for the K6LKS PROPERTY LIMITED (KPL) treatment.

With so many relevant transferable skills gained while working in the media industry my abilities to schedule, budget, negotiate, communicate at all levels and resolve issues quickly while working to a deadline puts me in advantageous position which I intend to  take full advantage of.

Going forward the aim is to build up a portfolio of properties either to  “flip” in the short term to raise sufficient cash flow or rent out to achieve a passive income long term alongside my other interests.

This is not a rehearsal and very possible with the right mind set……

I look forward to exploring this new world of opportunity, especially in the current climate, and discovering a new direction  to focus my energy on – what can possibly go wrong!

Creating Swans from Ugly ducklings is the challenge and I look forward  to meeting them head on. 

Blah Blah Blah!


Providing Experience with Reliability